Taxi Griesheim – arriving safely at your destination

We ensure your safe arrival. Having had experience for many years, we know Griesheim, Darmstadt and the surrounding towns like the back of our hand. Whatever your destination is, be it a business appointment, your doctor, your home, the station or the airport, we will get you there directly, fast and comfortably.

Our three perfectly maintained, neat cars (taxi/ rental cars) and well-trained drivers will take you, your family, your business partner and your customers safely and comfortably to your destination.

Our flexibility and reliability as well as our friendly and experienced drivers are highly appreciated by our regular customers, consisting of a number of hotels, companies and private citizens in Griesheim and surrounding areas.

Airport shuttle

Just take it easy when leaving for a holiday or a business trip. You can rely on our services and will be picked up on time. It goes without saying that we also pick you up when you return, if desired. Just leave your car safely at home, we will take you there for a reasonable price at any time. If you book the trip at least 24 hours in advance we can offer you the trip for a fixed price.


Your price consists of a basic price (2.50 €) + price per kilometre (2.00 € / km) + waiting time (0.50 € / minute)

Examples for trips by taxi and airport shuttle
Distance in kilometres Costs without waiting time
1 km 4,50 €
2 km 6,50 €
3 km 8,50 €
4 km 10,50 €
5 km 12,50 €
10 km 22,50 €
12 km 24,50 €
15 km 32,50 €
20 km 42,50 €
Last updated: February 2015, plus waiting times

Examples for various distances (from Griesheim Centre)
Destination Distances
Darmstadt Station approx. 6 km
Darmstadt-Centre approx. 7 km
Arheilgen approx. 11 - 15 km
Eberstadt approx. 13 - 16 km
Frankfurt Airport approx. 28 - 30 km
Frankfurt Station approx. 35 - 37 km
Trips outside the tariff area are not subject to statutory tariff obligations and can be agreed upon as fixed prices.

Booking a taxi:

When calling a taxi, you need to give us the following information:
  • your name
  • location where you want to be collected
  • name of town in case it is not Griesheim
  • name on your door bell in case the name is not identical with your name
  • time (at once or ordered in advance for a specific time)
  • payment by credit card if desired
  • other wishes

Calling a taxi in advance

In order to call a taxi in advance, please call us as soon as possible, enabling us to confirm your order right away. In case you book a taxi by email or fax, please do it in time.

Inquiries and Reservations for Taxi / Shuttle services: